*A sampling of my writing, organized by publication*

50 Word Stories

“The Cruelest Part”

All of 100

“Shit Roles Down Hill”

“Time Accelerator Wish”

Borrowed Solace

“A Bump on the Head”

Crooked Shift

“And that Horse”

Dual Coast Magazine



“A Review of that Spot at the End of the Universe”

Jitter Press

“Three O’Clock”

The Molotov Cocktail

“Nothing to it”

“Homemade Jesus”

The Quill Magazine

“To Return from Adventure”

Sixpenny Magazine

“The Seagull”

The Story Shack

“First Date”

“The Lonely Kiss”

Vagabonds, Anthology of the Mad Ones

“A Bunch of Goddamn Asshole Cats”

The Whistling Fire



“Future Self”


“First Date”

Zouch Magazine



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